1. How do I become a member?

You can become a member simply by registering for free. Register

2. You can become a member simply by registering for free. Register

You will have access to sure winning games tips posted on the website daily.

3. How can I subscribe to start seeing daily games?

Simply make payment using your debit card and you will start seeing our sure WINNING games everyday when you login.

4. What do I stand to gain as a paid member?

  1. Notification/message of selection at least 24hrs before kick-off
  2. Access to your paid plan categories
  3. BEST risk management
  4. good winning odds

5. Like how much do I need to start?

We recommend you choose a stake you feel most comfortable with. Bet within your means. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose, Never have a bet for the sake of it

6.Please can I bet from my country?

YES!!! Football betting is accessible worldwide so long as you have access to a betting company.

7. Please I don't know anything about sports betting and football, but can I still bet and make money?

Yes, of course! It doesn’t really matter what your level of experience of skill in betting is, you can still profit when you register with us.

8. Will I start getting winning game tips the same day I register and subscribe?

YES!!! We provide good number of sure WINNING bet predictions DAILY

9.How guaranteed is your daily game tips here?

YOU ARE 99% SAFE WITH US!!! We have a team of experienced top notched well researched/informed experts and a well structured network around the world. You are guaranteed of making substantial profits with us. WE PROMISE YOU TO BE HAPPY EVERYDAY.

10. Can I always contact you if i have further questions?

YES!!! you can always contact us, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU